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A site-specific installation by Indrani Baruah

An exploration of form reflective of a culture and people. Forms of time and origins. Unlike
forms of classical modernism, a unique visual language common to this region in India and
beyond in Southeast Asia. Complex forms, feminine and sinuous, that tell a story beyond
material and craft.


Past Events
ART + PUBLIC I March 2010 read more

Interrogating Everyday

The project nterrogates the concept of everyday through the prism of different practices of the participants. Through of art interventions in various public places around Guwahati, the workshop attempts to test the constellation of everyday within the  critical imaginary of public art discourse.

periferry@spree I October 2010 read more

Location: Barge “MS Stralau”, Berlin

In an attempt to deterritorialize the project Periferry (2007–), an alternative artist-led space and residency program situated on a ferry docked on the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati, India, the artists recreated another temporary laboratory in flux in Berlin.

CAMERA PRAXIS I April to November 2010 read more

Video of my Native by Dorendra Singh I Location - Manipuri Basti, Guwahati

Trying to come to terms with concept of identity, nationality, fact and fiction, Dorendra Singh, a young artist from the northeast India, initiated this project - a series of film screenings, video workshop and discussions.

CEMA PAAR @periferry I November 2010 read more

Crossing the edge

Engaging with the concept of pedagogy as medium, Periferry conducted several experiments in terms of workshops, seminar and other forms to test the "pedagogical turn ". In this context, our first event CEMA PAAR @periferry was organized in Guwahati in November 2010, at Periferry, and in Shillong at Sikkim Manipal University, Shillong Centre.

Body Water and A Slow Flow I December ‘09 - February ‘10. read more

Christina Stadlbauer (Austria/Belgium) and Bartaku (Belgium), were at Periferry for a residency program

Body Water - opening the archives - Christina Stadlbauer
A wrap up of investigations in kitchens, gardens, buses and paths of Assam crystallizes in a periferal archive of Assamese knowledge compiled from everyday medicine in everyday life; Body Water is accessible via tea-talking, singing the plants and interactive cooking, aided by flowerpots, gamuchas and water visuals.

A Slow Flow - Bartaku
Micro-interventions, workshops cum experiments fused by the exposure to The Periferry, icon of the petrol era, The Zoo cum hidden Botanical Garden, The Misrepresentation of the Gandhi Mandap, The Wild Edible Power Plants from Assam, North-and South-Bank Knowledge and The Brahmaputra with the strongest –well hidden- flow.
Part of the artistic research project PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect.

slow flow body water

"Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories" I 30 Dec', 2009 read more

Artist - Sanchayan Ghosh

This project is about exploring the transforming relationship of a river and a city in relationship to Brahmaputra and Guwahati.This is a research and documentation based interactive project will try to locate the different forms of economic and cultural transactions that happen with the river Brahmaputra as a host, and in the floating space between labour and economy, migration and identity, industry and culture in relation to the stranded ferries of Brahmaputra and the life on the river bank.

Open Studio Day, International Residency I 22 Oct' 09 read more

Isabelle Rouquette

The climate is one of the components that create and environment and the moment when we get a sense of this is when the blue and yellow become green, but also indigo, turquoise, emerald green and saffron. In the project 'Tidal Bore' I intend to create a framework that mixes acoustic qualities recorded in India with visual ones registered in Finland in order to pose the problem of the author. This work allows me to study the right of the author and to raise the question of authorship in the globalization of industrial societies, that has as a consequence a new hostility in our environment of life.

Technicolour Dreams 2 I 22 Oct', 2009 read more

Technicolour Dreams2 is a Musical play sketching contemporary Nagaland on stage addressing identical questions of the people living in that particular geographical terrain. Approaching to tell the tale of contemporary Nagaland, Technicolour Dreams2 weaves few personnel history along with documents and informations of civil uprisings, movements, underground identical movements yarning for self determination. The personnel histories about up bringing, at academic institutions, friends and families, generations, ethnic connections and lost will be juxtaposed with it.

MUSEUM OF THE RECENT PAST I 20 Oct', 2009 read more on blog

Open day of a three week internship
“Everything in this world has got an interesting facet to be explored. Sometimes, though mysterious or nonsense they are, visually pleasing.”
It is interesting!
But I haven’t noticed it!
What it means?
First, it is a surprise to see something new, if it was not observed or recognised it becomes a question. Second comes reasoning Why, Where, When and How. This had been tried through an expression, as a gesture to preserve the past.

Participant artists:
•    Tribeni Devi, born in 1986, had done her BFA in Graphics Art and presently pursuing MFA in Kala Bhavana, Viswa-Bharati University.
•    Shravan Kumar Pendyala, born in 1987, had done her BFA in History of Art and presently pursuing MFA in Kala Bhavana, Viswa-Bharati University.

Presentation and Talk by Sanchayan Ghosh I 9th Oct', 2009

Sanchayan Ghosh is an artist and reader working in the department of painting at Kala Bhavana, an acclaimed and distinguished centre for visual arts practice and research founded by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore at the Visva Bharati University in West Bengal, India.

Sanchayan’s work currently focuses on exploring methods of participation in multiple public sites and evolving site-specific community based art activities. This approach has afforded Sanchayan the opportunity to work with and reach a wide variety of people including three generations of Asian communities in Bristol, the weavers of the Bodo communities of Assam in eastern India and a number of migratory communities in Calcutta and wider India. In collaboration with Periferry, Sanchayan plans to develop an interaction with different cultural and ethnic communities living on the banks of river Brahamaputra, with reference to their evolving memories in relation to the city.

Unspeakably more I October, 2009 read more l link

Naming, Deframing: a lexicon for contemporary curatorship

‘Unspeakably More depends on what things are called than on what they are. (...) Let us not forget that in the long run it is enough to create new names and plausibilities in order to create new "things".’

In the course of thinking through our symposium on curatorship under the broad title Art after Space, our original concept has morphed into something else. The above statement is Stephen’s premise about how to incite a discussion, actually focus on having that discussion as the event, not as a secondary action to an exhibition or what has been termed the “pedagogical turn” in contemporary art.

Camera praxis

Camera praxis is a practice centered project initiated by desire machine collective@Khoj Guwahati. At its simplest Camera praxis involves the screening of a moving images in order to develop a discourse around practice of production and dissemination of vernacular images. This year Camera Praxis will curate a series of film screenings of Contemporary Asian Cinema.

Still Life- 2006
Director - Jia Zhanke (China)

Time (Shi gan) - 2006
Director - Ki-duk Kim (South Korea)

camera_praxis camera praxis

Two Rivers at Periferry, Symposium I 27 - 28 Feb '09
blog I read more I gallery

The symposium is a part of the Thames - Brahamaputra project and a series of symposium around this.
The first of these were held in London in 2008 called "Two Rivers symposium". This used rivers as a backdrop to an exploration of how artists work across platforms in search of conceptual innovations, and collaborate in situations that link art education, industry and academia. It discussed the values of difference, examining how knowledge and ideas are exchanged, and how artists are observing the global and the local in a new climate of anxiety and rapidly changing
economic, political and cultural contexts.

"Two Rivers at Periferry" is a second in this series and will bring together a cross section of artists, specialists and researchers to examine collaborative, context based arts practice and how these relate to transnational issues in the context of Assam and the region. The two rivers will act as geographical motifs for examining interpretations of difference, with participants offering perspectives from the arts, social and natural sciences and creative and industrial

Two Rivers is a substantive practice-based research project being
developed collaboratively between Periferry, Difference Exchange, Chelsea College of Art and Design, and TrAIN, London.

Public Art Student Workshop
read more

Public space is leaving home (Vito acconci)

'Enter the public space and reclaim it instead of waiting for something to
happen.' (Andre Mesman)

Periferry Jam - Session 1 I 26 April 2008
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Jam session on the ferry. First Periferry jam session kick started with musicians from various bands who played different instruments and different sound. The sound of this jam contributed to the idea of building an alternate sound space in the city to celebrate the experimentation.List of musicians and sound professionals include

Hridoy Goswami, Ambar Das, Anup Phukan,  Joshua Queah, Uzzal, Krishna, Deepu and Tarique

Periferry Jam - Session 2 I 26 May 2008
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Band of Brothers

It is fusion band and a musical collaboration between musicians and instruments. exploring the sounds of a fusion between folk and electric sound of instruments. Folk instruments like  bhoor taal, duitara, flute with electronic instruments like Vibraphone, guitar etc.

The members of the band are Amber Das on the drums and percussion, Ralf Kemphuif on the Vibraphone, Deepak Sarma on the flute, Nitul Goswami on the Tabla & Percussion, Pankaj Bora on the Duitara  and percussion, Depajyoti Goswami on the guitar and vocals, Biswajeet Haloi on the keyboard and Papu Gogoi on the bass guitar.

Photography Workshop 2008 I 19 - 29 of March '08
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Syeda Farhana conducted a ten day photography workshop. The workshop began on the 19th of March and continued till the 29th of March 2008. Eight artists, designers, filmmakers and social activists participated. Syeda Farhana said, "We are here to share photographs and our experiences and discuss photography as an art. We are not discussing the finer techniques or the fine prints of technology but are examining the politics of images."

The photographer is also showing the participants the immense possibilities of the automatic camera and imparting tips on capturing that 'perfect image' with the simplest of cameras is one of the chief agendas of the workshop.

The open day and exhibition of the workshop is on the 12th of April 2008, 11 am onwards on MV Chandardinga (Ferry), Near Fancy Bazar bus stop, MG Road, Guwahati, Assam


Rajkumar Mazinder, Wahida Ahmed, Anjuman Ara, Bhaskar Das, Suresh Kumar Barla, W. Dorendra, Viswanath Kothagattu, Prasana G. Kate

Exhibition of Photography Workshop 2008 I 12 April '08 gallery
The ten day photography workshop resulted in an exhibition of the photographs taken during th workshop. Exhibition took place on the ferry, M.V. Chandradinga which was the location for the workshop too and now transformed into a great exhibition space for the photographs.
International Residency 2008 I 14th Jan - 29th Feb '08
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"Periferry1.0 ", starts with a 6 week residency program, which begins on the 14th January and ends on 29th February 2008. There will be 7 artists participating, 2 from India and 5 international. They are Syeda Farhana (Bangladesh), Parismita Singh (India), desire machine collective(India), Bruce Allen (England), Pauliina Salminen (Finland)-Andreas (Argentine) & Mahardhika Yudha (Indonesia) . The open day has been scheduled 28th February 2008.

The activities would include organizing seminars on the contemporary artistic production, initiating a global-local interaction of art and events and publications in the public realm to foster critical debate. The residency thus builds a powerful repertoire of ideas and practices by willfully juxtaposing individuals from diverse contexts and making this exchange the basis of producing art and knowledge about art. This juxtaposition is the best way in which we can balance out the subjective and objective dimensions of art and knowledge where diverse values and ideas challenge each other and allow for the emergence of new ideas and practices

Inner Lines: A Media & Art Event I 16th -19th Jan, '08
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The curation attempts to identify the hot spots of contemporary conflict, its dynamics and actors, its movement and the trajectories that depart from temporary uneasiness to the desire of building an alternative to one's own situation. And a set of questions emerge: How to transform a map into a process of re signifying a territory and re articulating social movements? How to name a territory undergoing permanent transformation? How to situate new mechanisms of power, conflicts and emergent social subjects in a fragmented and  complex territory?

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