Camera Praxis I April to November 2010    

Video of my Native

Trying to come to terms with concept of identity, nationality, fact and fiction, Dorendra Singh, a young artist from the northeast India, initiated “Video of my Native”- a series of film screenings, video workshop and discussions. It was supported by Periferry and Foundation for Social Transformation.

Being a Manipuri, born and brought up in Manipuri Basti area of Guwahati, Dorendra has always been keen on understanding the dynamics of the politics of identity. The project “ Video of my Native” is an attempt to negotiate with the complex social and historical aspects of the place, which is almost like a ghetto in the city of Guwahati.

A video workshop was conducted from 16th to 21st May 2010 at Meira Paibi, Manipuri Basti, Guwahati. The activities of the workshop included introduction to the various aspects of film production, along with film screenings and talks. The films shown in the workshop were “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929) by De Sica Vertov, "Taxi Driver" (1976) directed by Martin Scorsese, “Surname Viet Given Name Nam” (1989), along with this Moti Roti 60x60 secs presented 60 one minute films commissioned by Moti Roti.

Street film projections were also been put up on 22nd  and 24th of April 2010 and 25th of  May 2010, which included films like “Children of heaven”, “Along the way”  directed by Haobam Paban, “Iahanou” directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma and a popular Manipuri film.

As a part of the project Dorendra is making a film on Manipuri Basti and has facilitated a group of youngsters from the area to make a film.












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