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Body Water and A Slow Flow

Christina Stadlbauer (Austria/Belgium) and Bartaku (Belgium), were at Periferry for a residency program from December ‘09 till February ‘10.

Body Water - opening the archives - Christina Stadlbauer
A wrap up of investigations in kitchens, gardens, buses and paths of Assam crystallizes in a periferal archive of Assamese knowledge compiled from everyday medicine in everyday life; Body Water is accessible via tea-talking, singing the plants and interactive cooking, aided by flowerpots, gamuchas and water visuals.

A Slow Flow - Bartaku
Micro-interventions, workshops cum experiments fused by the exposure to The Periferry, icon of the petrol era, The Zoo cum hidden Botanical Garden, The Misrepresentation of the Gandhi Mandap, The Wild Edible Power Plants from Assam, North-and South-Bank Knowledge and The Brahmaputra with the strongest –well hidden- flow.
Part of the artistic research project PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect.

slow flow

A Slow Flow

body water

Body Water

"Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories" I 30 Dec', 2009 read more on blog

Sanchayan Ghosh is an artist and Head of Painting Department at Kala Bhavana, Shantiniketan in West Bengal, India.

Artists' Statement

This project is about exploring the transforming relationship of a river and a city in relationship to Brahmaputra and Guwahati.This is a research and documentation based interactive project will try to locate the different forms of economic and cultural transactions that happen with the river Brahmaputra as a host, and in the floating space between labour and economy, migration and identity, industry and culture in relation to the stranded ferries of Brahmaputra and the life on the river bank.

In this respect a LIVE CAMP called THE ANCHOR HOUSE will be set up on the ferry to host interactive tea ADDA to participate on the everyday life on the ferry and the river bank and reflect upon the different layers in which the river exists in the everyday life of the people of Assam in general and Guwahati in particular. Moreover the Anchor House will be extended as a possible web page in the form of an ANCHOR which will be comprised of photographs of anchors from the different ferry that are functioning or stranded on the bank of Brahmaputra. These photographs can be replaced by private documents of memories of the transforming cityscape of Guwahati and the river Brahmaputra.

The Anchor House can become the site for a possible interactive space in future for hosting memories of different kinds of human applications both social, cultural, and technological that is in the state of transition.

This residency has been organized by Periferry in collaboration with Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre Kolkata, India.

International Residency 2008
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"Periferry1.0 ", starts with a 6 week residency program, which begin

s on the 14th January and ends on 29th February 2008. There will be 7 artists participating, 2 from India and 5 international. They are Syeda Farhana (Bangladesh), Parismita Singh (India), desire machine collective(India), Bruce Allen (England), Pauliina Salminen (Finland)-Andreas (Argentine) & Mahardhika Yudha (Indonesia) . The open day has been scheduled 28th February 2008.

The activities would include organizing seminars on the contemporary artistic production, initiating a global-local interaction of art and events and publications in the public realm to foster critical debate. The residency thus builds a powerful repertoire of ideas and practices by willfully juxtaposing individuals from diverse contexts and making this exchange the basis of producing art and knowledge about art. This juxtaposition is the best way in which we can balance out the subjective and objective dimensions of art and knowledge where diverse values and ideas challenge each other and allow for the emergence of new ideas and practices

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